Project Description

The ESCOLA Course Curricula and Content is a set of Open Educational Resources which are designed to be delivered in a classroom to encourage and facilitate teaching staff who use engineering labs for their courses to better utilise the full range of teaching resources – including visual and interactive – to improve the quality of the learning experience for students.

It was written by experts who are passionate about engineering and highly knowledgeable about digital pedagogy.

More interactive learning experiences have been shown to increase student engagement and participation resulting in improved quality of learning and understanding of the topic. One of the issues faced in the engineering sector is that Higher Education educators are often lacking the digital pedagogy skills and most prefer to employ the classic teaching methods. This ESCOLA course aims to encourage educators to employ these immersive and interactive teaching approaches and digital teaching tools as a means of enhancing the learning of students

The Course Curricula and Content are designed for various uses. The course can be delivered as a complete curriculum or parts of it might be integrated to supplement other courses. All materials are provided as open source and each section of this course offers a variety of additional online materials such as case studies and activities about the topic.

As some learners might want to learn the content (or just parts of it) individually, all modules and additional learning resources are provided online.

Trainers, Teachers and tutors can also use the course freely. The course can be used in a classroom environment as well as a self-contained distance learning course.

Classroom Course Components

The syllabus of the ESCOLA course is divided into 6 different units called modules, each of them focusing on different aspects of immersive and interactive teaching approaches and digital teaching tools, how they can be applied and their benefits.

Module 1: Digital Inclusion

Module 2: Innovative Teaching

Module 3: Distance Learning

Module 4: Videos and 3D simulations for laboratory

Module 5: Collaborative Learning in Virtual Environments

Each Module has different training resources these will include:

  1. A PowerPoint/PDF Presentation this is a suggested course and includes the materials and activities. If it is your first time delivering the course, this is a good starting point.
  2. Additional Resources- These will enhance the learning experience and provide extra reading for those wishing to expand on what they learn from each module.
  3. Quiz- Throughout the modules there will be quizzes to test your knowledge

You can download the course (PowerPoints, Additional Resources etc.) as a zip file.

You do not need to use the materials in any particular order. If you want to concentrate on a specific topic you can jump in at your point of interest – although using the whole course is suggested for optimal understanding.

Download the Course Curricula and Content

Please click the link below to download the Course. To access the file simply “Right Click” on the downloaded Zip file and choose “un-zip” or “uncompress” based on your Operating System. This will produce a folder on your computer with all of the necessary files.