ESCOLA will develop a supportive learning environment for engineering classes for students which will assist in expanding the knowledge of both students and teachers. This will support students in their understanding of the application of engineering practices and will also help teachers to employ ‘best practice’ teaching strategies. The teaching staff who use engineering labs for their courses will be better equipped to utilise all resources, visual and interactive, to improve the quality of the learning experience for students.

More interactive learning experiences have been shown to increase student engagement and participation resulting in improved quality of learning and understanding of the topic. One of the issues faced in the engineering sector is that Higher Education educators are often lacking the digital pedagogy skills. To tackle this skills deficit ESCOLA will provide increased access to interactive learning tools for engineering lab classes within higher education institutions. We will work closely with HEIs, wider stakeholders and undergraduates to ensure maximum immersion.


The aim of ESCOLA is clear, to develop a new supportive learning environment for engineering classes that will help students to understand and evaluate engineering applications in practice. This learning environment will be introduced to teachers who use engineering labs for their courses, so that they can efficiently improve the quality of learning experience for students with the help of visual and interactive tools.

1. Assess Currently Available Tools

2. Analyse Capacity Of Teachers

3. Development Of Course Content

4. Develop The Learning Platform